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Garage Floor System

Single Component Garage Floor Coating Product

System Overview

specguard's Garage Floor System uses our SCP-20 Single Component Polyaspartic / Polyurea in a quick 4-step process that seals and enhances the look of any garage floor. SCP-20 will not leave roller marks, has excellent self-leveling capability and has physical properties that compare to high-end two-component polyaspartic and urethane systems. SCP-20 can be used as a base coat with or without added color pigment and a clear topcoat making it perfect for sealing and enhancing the look of garage floors.


STEP 1: Prepare / clean the concrete surface
STEP 2: Apply clear SCP-20 basecoat with desired pigment pack
STEP 3: Apply desired color flake to the basecoat
STEP 4: Apply clear SCP-20 as topcoat

Product Features

Single Component

Our SCP-20 is a single component polyaspartic / polyurea.

Long Working Time

No mixing is necessary so there is no time restriction on application as in two-component systems.

Quick Drying

Dry time in 2 to 3 hours in normal conditions.


Our garage floor system with SCP-20 can withstand scuffing and typical garage conditions.


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