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Hybrid Urethane Acrylic Sealer
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Product Overview

UA-19 is a single component modified Urethane / Acrylic sealer. Applications include concrete, decorative concrete topcoat and wood surfaces. When applied, UA-19 urethane / acrylic sealer is milky white, however it dries clear to a semi- gloss finish and creates a protective durable surface with excellent physical properties.

Product Features

Scratch Resistance

specguard UA-19 is highly resistant to scratches and scuffs.

Increased durability

A urethane based product, specguard UA-19 provides increased durability.

Clear Finish

When applied, specguard UA-19 is milky white, but it dries with a clear semi-gloss finish.

High Adhesion

to multiple surface types, including concrete and wood.


Walkway Coating and Sealing

Patios and Pool Decks