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Ocean Guard Non-Slip Coating
SCP-20 Marine Grade coated buoys being deployed

Product Overview

specguard's OGNS is a marine grade non-skid deck coating formulated with tough, durable epoxy binders specifically designed to give a resilient flexible textured surface for metal decks, sidewalks, gangways, walkways, buoy decks, and wood surfaces. Our special non-skid aggregate combination is non-slip, non-skid and flexible even in lower temperatures. OGNS is easy to apply and, has excellent flexibility, hardness and durability and it adheres to polyurethane, polyurea, concrete, wood, steel, aluminum and fiberglass. Helps prevent slip and fall accidents before they happen.

Product Features


Resilient, textured surface stays tough even in extreme environments.


Capable of reliably conforming to a surface in high and even lower temperatures.


Non-skid aggregate textured properties provide resistance to slipping even on a moving surface.

High Adhesion

Can be applied to many types of surfaces, including polyurethane/polyurea, concrete, wood, steel, aluminum and fiberglass.


Marine Equipment

Non-Slip Walkway

Non-Slip Ship Deck