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Marine-Grade Polyurea Coating System
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Product Overview

SL-08 Marine-Grade is used in a variety of marine applications, including: Treated timber piling, steel piling, marine fenders, composite buoys, steel buoys, steel camels, timber camels, fenders boards, and corrosion protection. SL-08 Marine-Grade has a proven history of performance and long term durability in the marine environment. This product is a slow-cure, 100% solids spray Polyurea system that can also be used for non-marine applications to increase durability. SL-08 Marine-Grade is a self-leveling product providing a smooth surface with a longer gel time to promote better adhesion compared standard Polyurea systems.

Product Features

Slow Cure System

Provides better penetration and adhesion into substrate than fast set systems with a tack-free time of 8-10 minutes.

Self Leveling

Can be used for corrosion protection, concrete protection, steel tanks, as a basin liner, ships, buoys, pilings and a multitude of other uses.

Marine Grade Product

Developed in the marine industry for use on ship fenders and buoys, SL-08 is exceptionally durable and can withstand harsh environments.

Excellent adhesion

SL08 is able to penetrate and adhere to many substrates, including wood, metal and foam.


Steel Pilings

Timber Pilings

Fender Camels