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Fast Cure Polyurea

Product Overview

Our FS-20 Spray Polyurea system is a durable PTMEG based 1-1 fast set spray Polyurea. This system provides greater durability in harsh environments, including marine applications. FS-20 has a longer gel time and a tack free time of 30-40 seconds, promoting better adhesion to the substrate.

Product Features

Fast Set

Tack free in 30-40 seconds.

Increased Durability

After application, FS-20 remains stronger and thicker providing higher durability and protection.

Excellent Adhesion

Adheres to many substrates including cement, metals, foam and wood.

High Tensile Strength

Flexible and elastic, FS-20 can withstand a high amount of stress.


Industrial Tank Lining


Roadway Sealing