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Slow Cure Polyurea

Product Overview

specguard's SL-08 is a slow-cure PTMEG based 100% solids spray Polyurea system with a tack free time in 8-10 minutes. It has excellent self leveling capabilities due to the slow gel time. SL-08 is ideal for projects and specifications that require a smooth surface such as flooring and liner systems. The slow cure time provides better adhesion to concrete, roofing systems and allows for better penetration when spraying over hypalon fabric and other encapsulating surfaces compared to fast set systems.

Product Features

Slower Cure Time

Provides better penetration and adhesion into substrate than fast set systems.


Can be used for corrosion protection, concrete protection, steel tanks, as a basin liner, ships, buoys, pilings and a multitude of other uses.

Excellent Sealer

specguard's SL-08 is designed to penetrate deep and seal out corrosion and water, protecting surfaces including concrete, steel, wood and foam.

Environmentally Safe

After curing and drying, SL-08 will never leech any substance into the surrounding environment.


Deck Coating


Coated Timber