specguard Corporation SG-54 Premium Acrylic Coating

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Standard Grade Modified Acrylic Roof Coating
Standard grade modified acrylic roofing coating.

Product Overview

SG-44 is an acrylic based industrial roofing product that exhibits excellent adhesion and flexibility to a variety of roof surfaces. SG-44 expands and contracts with normal roof movement and provides a white, reflective barrier from damaging UV rays. specguard products are excellent for roof repair and maintenance and can extend the life and prevent further wear of existing roofs. Designed to protect and seal with a variety of roof systems, SG-44 can be used as a base topcoat and adheres to polyurethane foam roofs, metal roofs, granulated cap sheet roofs, and even aging single-ply roofs. By reflecting the sun's rays from a roof surface, SG-44 can save energy costs by reducing heat transfer from the roof into the building underneath.

Product Features

White Reflective Barrier

SG-44 is white and provides a UV reflective barrier.

Excellent Adhesion

To most roof substrates.

Base or Top Coat

SG-44 can be used as a base coat or topcoat.

Repair / Maintenance

SG-44 is excellent for periodic repair and maintenance of roofs.



specguard’s Cap Sheet Roofing applies the SG-54 polyester base coat along with a second coat that also has embedded polyester.


specguard's Metal Roof System creates a protective acrylic barrier that seals moisture out and keeps metal roofs from from wind and rain damage.


specguard's Foam Roof System addresses insulation and moisture barrier advantages by filling in and sealing any damage caused by ponding water or other problems.


specguard's Single-Ply Roofing System builds up a single-ply roof and creates a moisture, sun, and wind damage barrier that also increases resistance to puncture.