Product Overview

SG-64 Premium Topcoat

SG-64 is a premium modified acrylic roof coating designed as an alternative to silicone. SG-64 provides the performance of silicone at a more competitive price. This allows for higher mil thickness system specifications and increased performance at a lower overall cost, which meets ASTM D 6083 requirements. Additionally, SG-64 eliminates the adhesion issues associated with silicones when maintenance is required regarding adhesion. SG-64 warranties weather-related ponding water areas.

SG-64 Features:

  • Superior system adhesion 
  • Built-in high bonding priming resins built into Specguard product providing complete system compatibility 
  • High adhesion for maintenance, repairs, and complete recoat systems 
  • High reflectivity 
  • Reduce energy costs and protect the roof from damaging UV rays. 
  • Ponding water resistance 
  • Proprietary product designed to withstand ponding water and perform under the toughest conditions 
  • High solids/viscosity can be applied up to 2.0 gallons per square for quick application and reduced labor cost