PRIVATE LABEL / DISTRIBUTOR PROGRAM: Specguard is first and foremost a coating manufacturer and formulator that produces unique high-performance products that can enhance your product line. Our Private Label and Distributor programs include a drop-ship option that reduces freight costs and gets the products to your customers quickly.

Specguard Private Label 1CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM PRIVATE LABEL OPPORTUNITIES TODAY: Specguard will help your business with Private Label products under your own name brand. We set up a freight account or utilize your existing account to ship the products as if they are shipping from your facility. Our turn-key Private Label solutions make it easy for you to build your brand and increase your business’s profitability. Whether you are just starting out or ready to expand your existing Private Label brand, our high-quality, Private Label products can help your business succeed. Below are a few of our most popular private label and distribution products.

SCP20 SINGLE COMPONENT POLYASPARTIC: eliminates many of the associated issues with the traditional two-component Polyaspartic system by removing the pot-life concerns and by providing 45-50 minutes of working time. SCP20 has exceptional physical properties, excellent self-leveling capabilities, and strong chemical resistance, along with excellent adhesion. Once you use the product you will see the benefits. SCP20 is a compatible topcoat over epoxy systems.

Specguard Private Label 2CM2 CONCRETE MENDER: is a quick curing, low viscosity, and high strength crack repair product. This product has been specially formulated to strongly bond to concrete to fill and repair cracks and spalls in concrete. CM2 cures in about 30 minutes and can be color-matched with aggregate to any surface.

SG44 ROOF COATING: is a premium grade modified acrylic that can be formulated to fit your specific product performance criteria. The product is also available in our standard formulations. All Specguard roof products are designed to meet the real challenges of low slope commercial roofs. Our formulations utilize a combination of high-grade Acrylic resins and specialty components to increase strength, durability, adhesion, and greater resistance to ponding water.

SPECGUARD APPLIES YOUR LABEL AND USES YOUR PREFERRED PACKAGING: Specguard’s innovative products can be an enhancement to your product line, we try to make it easy for you to build your brand and increase your profits with Specguard products. Contact us today for the additional details regarding our Private Label and Distribution program.


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