Product Overview

SCP20 Single Component Polyaspartic eliminates many of the associated issues with traditional two-component Polyaspartic systems by removing the pot-life concerns and by providing 45-50 minutes of working time. SCP20 has exceptional physical properties, excellent self-leveling capabilities, strong chemical resistance, along with excellent adhesion.

SCP20 physical properties are comparable with two-component Polyaspartic products, providing high tensile strength, high surface hardness, and high abrasion resistance. SCP20 is designed for ease of use while not giving up any quality or durability. Once you use the product you’ll see the benefits. Review the SCP20 data sheet for additional information.

SCP20 can be tinted to be used as a basecoat, this insures system compatibility and ease of use. The pigment is pre-measured in quart containers so no measuring is required. 1-container of SCP20 pigment is added to 1-gallon of clear SCP20 to create the color basecoat.


Fast curing, rapid return to service capabilities, and ease of use make Specguard SCP20 Single Component Polyaspartic Coating the best choice for many applications. SCP20 eliminates many of the associated issues with traditional two-component polyaspartic systems by removing the short pot-life concerns and limited working time. SCP20 provides 50 minutes of working time, great self-leveling capability, and provides the durability of 2 component systems.

Specguard offers a proven history of successful installations since 2004 that create long-lasting, durable floor finishes, engineered to withstand even the harshest of environments.

SCP20 is suitable for use in both interior and exterior applications ranging from heavy traffic industrial facilities to decorative commercial spaces and residential homes.

Product Features

Single Component

Our SCP20 is a single component polyaspartic / polyurea.

Long Working Time

No mixing is necessary so there is no time restriction on application as in two-component systems.

Quick Drying

Dry time in 2 to 3 hours in normal conditions.


Can withstand the scuffing and marring that floors are normally subjected to.