Product Overview

SG-40 Premium Grade Modified Acrylic Roofing Base Coat

SG-40 is a modified acrylic base roofing coat that’s an alternative to asphalt emulsion roof primers. SG-40 locks onto the existing roof system providing exceptional resistance to blistering – even under prolonged ponded water conditions. The technology used in SG-40 produces a coating that offers excellent adhesion to a variety of roof substrates in use today: granulated cap sheet, metal roofs, polyurethane foam roofs and single-ply roofs found on older buildings. Combined with Specguard’s SG-54 topcoat product, SG-40 offers complete system continuity providing a uniform roof system that won’t peel or blister under the most demanding conditions.

Product Features

Superior Alternative

To asphalt emulsion roof primers.

Moisture Resistance

Outstanding resistance to moisture penetration.

Strong Adhesion

To roof substrates.

Ponding Protection

SG-40 is highly resistant to ponding and blistering.