Specguard is the leading manufacturer of a range of floor coating products. We leverage innovative technologies to formulate and manufacture high-performance products at a cost-effective price. Our floor systems are designed to reduce application time, enhance durability, and increase your bottom line. Whether you need an ideal floor coating product for your garage floor, commercial buildings, or high-traffic areas, Specguard has you covered.

Specguard’s roots come from the marine coating industry where durability and longevity are a prerequisite. We have taken that same focus and commitment with our floor coating products utilizing the most innovative, durable and cost effective components available. This approach has allowed us to manufacture products that exceed specification requirements and increase labor efficiency. Our products and systems are designed to reduce application time and increase the bottom line for our customers.

Garage Floor System

Garage Floor System


  • Single component
  • No pot-life issues
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal waste
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X-CRETE 180 Waterborne Epoxy Primer

WB Epoxy application X Crete


  • Fast drying, low odor, water-borne clear crosslinked primer for concrete substrates.
  • Excellent adhesion to existing and new concrete
  • Helps to eliminate surface irregularities
  • Helps to minimize micro surface imperfections in the color basecoat and clear topcoat systems
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SCP20 Single Component Polyaspartic Coating


  • Single Component
  • No Pot-Life Issues
  • Long Working Time
  • Fast Drying
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What Are Polyaspartic Floor Coatings?

Polyaspartic is a subgroup of polyurea that comes as a two-component product (Part A and Part B). When these two parts are mixed, they quickly cure to produce a mixture that hardens in no time. Polyaspartic floor coatings are arguably the most popular floor coating products today, owing to their quick turnaround times, durability, and UV stability. This relatively new coating is now a favorite for most installers as an alternative to epoxy. The one drawback most polyaspartics have are quick working times which makes applying Polyaspartics for the non-professional very challenging. Specguard provides a one-component polyaspartic product that eliminates many of the difficulties associated with a two-component system, such as mixing errors and short working times. Specguards SCP20 provides the same physical properties as two component Polyaspartics, but with a much greater ease of application. Specguard SCP20 is a great option for DYI projects. 

Floor Coating Applications

Specguards Floor coating products are excellent for small to midsize projects that demand a speedy turnaround. These coatings provide a high performance, smooth, and durable surface that can withstand a range of abuse in high-traffic areas. Most industrial sites, warehouses, and commercial buildings rely on floor coating products to maintain high hygiene and safety standards for workers, equipment, and inventory. Specific applications of floor coating products – such as polyurea polyaspartic floor coatings – include:

  • Garage floors
  • Shop floors 
  • Commercial buildings 
  • Busy commercial facilities, including shopping malls, airports, and hospitals

Benefits of Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

The biggest benefits of polyaspartic floor coatings are temperature and time. Unlike other standard options, such as epoxy, polyaspartic coatings can be applied in temperatures ranging from 30° F to over 100° F. This means you won’t have to wait for the ideal season to coat your floor, whether you live in cold or hot climates. Because polyaspartic coating dries out quickly, it can be applied in a single day and allow for use the next day. This provides a quicker turnaround time, unlike epoxy that requires a 3-5 day waiting period. 

Other benefits of Specguard SCP20 polyaspartic floor coating include:

  • 100% UV resistance: This ensures the coating will not turn yellow or change color over time.
  • Crystal clear finish: The coating comes with an unmatched crystal clear finish. This finish guarantees your floor won’t fade or blush when exposed to moisture.
  • Scratch resistance: polyaspartic coating boasts higher abrasion and scratch resistance than polyurethane and epoxy.
  • High heat tolerance: This floor coating can also tolerate high heat, meaning frictions and burnouts won’t be an issue in extremely harsh applications and environments.
  • Chemical and stain resistance: polyaspartic floor coating contains properties that protect these areas from spills, splashes from acids, alkalis, solvents, and other corrosive elements.
  • Excellent wetting characteristics: This allows for good penetration into the concrete for a strong bond
  • No pot life issue, up to 60 minutes of working time. 
  • It is a self-leveling product that provides a high quality finish.
  • Cost-effectiveness: polyaspartic floor coating has a high solid content coverage of 180-220 square feet per gallon.

Floor Coating Products at Specguard

Specguard offers a SCP20 single component polyaspartic system designed to eliminate issues with conventional two-component polyaspartic systems, by removing pot-life concerns and by providing 45-50 minutes of working time. The SCP20 single component features exceptional physical properties, unmatched self-leveling capabilities, and strong chemical resistance.

Our portfolio of floor coating products includes: 

We also provide a Private Label and Distributor program that offers a drop-ship option designed to reduce your freight costs and get your products to your customers efficiently and quickly. Specguard enables you to create your own custom private label products under your own brand name. Our turnkey Private Label solutions make it easy for you to build your brand and increase your business’s profitability. 

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