Product Overview

JF-85 Joint Filler

JF-85 is a two component semi-rigid PTMEG based Polyurea joint filler that must be applied thru low a pressure plural component pump or dual component cartridges. JF-85 reduces floor maintenance cost by preventing spalling and cracking of your facilities concrete floor due to fork lift traffic. Installation time can be as fast as 60 minutes returning your facility back into production quickly with minimal down time. JF-85 can also be used for lower temperature freezer applications. JF-85 is an environmentally friendly product that is non-toxic, odorless and is VOC compliant.

Product Features

Semi-Rigid Polyurea

JF-85 is flexible enough to move with concrete, yet firm enough to fill the joints and protect them from wear.


Flexible at low temperatures, low heat buildup, high resiliency, low viscosity, very low noise characteristics and resistance to hydrolysis and fungus.


Protects facilities concrete floor joints from excessive wear and damage.

Prevents Spalling

Reduces floor maintenance costs by preventing spalling and cracking of facilities concrete floors due to fork lifts and other traffic.