System Overview

Metal is more durable and fire-resistant than other roofing materials and it has some protection against the sun. However, time, rain and wind can take their toll on a metal roof leaving it with holes and corrosion.

Specguard’s Metal Roof System creates a protective acrylic barrier that seals moisture out and keeps metal roofs from from wind and rain damage. Specguard’s premium coatings contain reflective material that will create a much higher resistance to the sun’s heat and keep the underlying structure cooler, reducing energy costs.

Product Features

Self Priming

Superior adhesion is a key element for a premium coating product. Specguard builds in high bonding priming resins into each product.

High Reflectivity

Specguard’s high reflective roof products help reduce energy costs and protect the roof from damaging UV rays.

Ponding Water Protection

Specguard’s proprietary products are designed to withstand ponding water and perform under the toughest

High Solids / Viscosity

Specguard’s high viscosity and high solid content products can be applied up to 2.25 gallons per square fir quick application and reduced labor cost.