Specguard is a formulating and manufacturing company that focuses on utilizing today’s most innovative technology in our product line. As the formulator and manufacturer, we can provide the highest performing coating products at the most cost-effective price. Specguard was established in 2004 as a subsidiary of Marine Fenders International, Inc. a world-leading manufacturer of marine vessel fendering systems, composite marine buoys, and marine-grade coating systems designed to last for decades in harsh marine environments. Specguard has taken the strategy and commitment to the products we manufacture. This approach has allowed us to manufacture products that exceed specification requirements and increase labor efficiency. Our products and systems are designed to reduce application time and increase profitability for our customers.


The leading raw material manufacturers, such as DOW, BASF, ARKEMA, and many more continue to develop higher-quality specialized materials for the growing fluid applied commercial roofing market. Specguard’s focus is to meet the real challenges that exist on commercial flat roofs. As a formulator and manufacturer Specguard utilizes today’s advanced technology to produce the most innovative products available. Specguard’s fluid applied commercial roofing products focus on high adhesion, durability, and high water resistance.


SCP20 Single Component Polyaspartic eliminates many of the associated issues with the traditional two-component Polyaspartic system. SCP20 eliminates the pot-life concerns and provides 45-50 minutes of working time. SCP20 has exceptional physical properties, excellent self-leveling capabilities, and strong chemical resistance, along with aggressive adhesion. SCP20 physical properties are comparable with two integral Polyaspartic products. SCP20 provides high tensile strength, surface hardness, chemical and abrasion resistance; designed for ease of use while not giving up quality nor durability. Once you use our product you will see the difference.


Specguard is committed to keeping the environmental impact of our manufacturing operations, products, and services to an absolute minimum. Our systems have been engineered to have minimal impact on the environment in both the manufacturing and application processes. Specguard’s coatings are produced with the latest state-of-the-art, high-performance components. This approach creates systems designed to reduce waste and emissions while increasing durability and longevity, thus reducing the environmental impact throughout their full lifecycle.

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