Product Overview

High Strength Polyester Fabric Roof Reinforcement

Specguard Polyester fabric is one of the strongest materials available to the roofing industry for use as reinforcement in roofs and decks. Polyester roofing fabric offers an unusual combination of high strength properties with good elongation for excellent thermal stress force accommodations. Specguard Polyester fabric is a soft polyester that will readily conform to irregular and smooth surfaces, roof equipment, roof penetrations and roof decks. Products we recommend for use with Specguard roof reinforcement polyester fabric are SG-54, SG-44 and the SG-40.

Product Features


Applied with Specguard’s roof coatings, our Polyester Fiber Fabric adds additional reinforcement to roofs and decks.


Works with all of Specguard’s roof coatings.

Conforms to Surface

A soft polyester that conforms to all roof surfaces.

Added Strength

Specguard’s Polyester Fiber Fabric gives added protection to a whole roof and especially to seams, drain areas and repair areas.