Specguard offers top-quality concrete repair solutions for building structures, parking garages, and tunnels. Our products are prepared with premium materials for filling, bonding, and reinforcing broken concrete, resulting in durable restorations. In addition, our PTMEG-based repair materials are extremely durable, flexible at low temperatures, and resistant to hydrolysis and fungi.

What Is Concrete Repair?

Concrete repair is the process of fixing damaged or corroded concrete structures. This may require filling in fractures, repairing broken or missing components, or resurfacing the system to restore its appearance and functionality. This process is also needed to preserve the safety and integrity of bridges, buildings, and other infrastructures.

The methods and materials used in concrete repair vary based on the extent of damage and desired outcome. However, the ultimate aim is to bring the concrete back to its original strength and stability. It is also often used for aesthetic purposes, such as enhancing the surface appearances of commercial and residential buildings.

Concrete Mender and Joint Filler

Specguard’s products are developed using the highest quality materials to efficiently reinforce damaged concrete. They are designed to restore the integrity of cracked or chipped concrete, assuring stable and expert repairs.

Proper preparation is crucial to achieving successful and long-lasting repairs with Specguard’s products. This includes evaluating the damaged area to determine which product suits the specific needs. The next step is to remove any loose material — such as debris or cracking concrete — from the site. This ensures that the product attaches correctly and produces the strongest possible bond.

Our concrete repair products include the following:

CM-2 Concrete Mender

CM-2 - Concrete Mender

The CM-2 Concrete Mender is an effective solution for repairing concrete cracks and spalls. Its fast-curing, low-viscosity composition enables strong bonding to fill and mend gaps effectively. It also dries in less than 30 minutes and can be color-matched to any surface aggregate.


JF-85 - Joint Filler

JF-85 - Joint Filler

JF-85 is a semi-rigid, PTMEG-based polyurea joint filler to prevent cracking and spalling in concrete floors. It is applied with a low-pressure, multi-component pump or cartridges and reduces maintenance expenses. In addition to being non-toxic and odorless, it complies with VOC requirements and is safe for the environment.

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Benefits of Concrete Repair

Specguard’s solutions are designed to be compatible with our floor coating materials for a flawless restoration procedure. In addition, they are easy to use and allow for a quick return to service. Here are additional benefits of our offerings:

Prevent Further Damage

Applying our products prevents further damage to concrete structures and surfaces by fixing chips and other forms of cracks. This procedure quickly reinforces the concrete’s strength, decreasing the likelihood of other deterioration.

Reduce the Risk of Injuries

Our concrete mender and joint filler prevent damage from spreading and potentially causing tripping hazards, falls, or further accidents. Additionally, many repair materials contain chemicals that increase slide resistance and enhance traction.

Enhance Surface Appearance

Our repair products can be color matched to the surrounding concrete. This feature creates a uniform appearance by integrating the repair with the surface. Moreover, they can enhance a structure’s aesthetic value, increasing its overall visual appeal.

Identify Problems

Concrete repair products can identify problems in buildings and surfaces by assessing the damage’s quantity and nature. This evaluation can help determine the probable cause, such as freezing-thawing cycles, wear and tear, or chemical exposure.

Resist Hydrolysis and Fungus

Hydrolysis is the chemical decomposition of a substance caused by its contact with water, and it can strain and destroy concrete. Likewise, fungus, mold, and other microbes can weaken the surface and cause discoloration. Consequently, products must contain high-quality, chemically-resistant components to counteract hydrolysis and fungi.

At Specguard, we employ PTMEG — a chemical ingredient known for its chemical resistance, durability, and flexibility — as a base in our products.

Concrete Repair Products at Specguard

Since 2004, Specguard has provided services and solutions that utilize today’s most innovative technology! We offer the highest-performing products at the most cost-effective price, ensuring reduced application time and increased customer profitability.

At Specguard, we are dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of our production processes, products, and services to the greatest extent possible. Thus, our repair products are designed to have minimum ecological consequences during the production and application phases.

Contact us to learn more about our products and services! You can also request a quote to start your next repair project with us.